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Men and women are equally drawn to sexual contact with animals - zoo porn.

It could also be due to the fact that the sexual contact between the woman and the animal is not possible without the desire of the animal. In different age groups lovers bestiality male adolescents (18-21 years ) are ready to engage in animal porn. Girls , on the other hand, is much more hesitant about such contacts , however, once the forbidden fruit on the palate, though , bestiality often repeated throughout life. Most women bestiality porn are more than 30 years. Mature woman use smaller males (about 10-12 pounds ) for cunnilingus. The most commonly used animals for bestiality today are dogs, and that can be attributed to their availability, relative consistency of their genitals , as well as emotional intimacy with a man.

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We had been out to dinner and Ihad had a few drinks. I don't drink. Well much anyway. We came back home and Bill started talking about animal porn. We watched a home made video he had gotten from a guy he worked with. It showed this young lady with a slightly northern accent getting licked and suck pig cock.